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What is Storage and Warehouse Management?
During the projects, the journey of all kinds of goods from the zero point where they leave the producer until they reach the consumer is called the “Supply Process”. Warehousing and effective warehouse management are indispensable for supply processes.

It covers storage and warehouse management throughout all kinds of procurement processes, placing products on shelves, stacking, handling, making their movements in the warehouse practical with the help of automations and data-based software, ensuring environmental safety such as heat in warehouses and other value-added services.

Effectively managed warehouses save both companies and customers time and money.

Aksoy global logic & Warehouse Management with Warehouse Difference
As Aksoy Global Logistics & Warehouse, we continue to adopt the absolute customer satisfaction and 100% quality principle that we have adopted in every field, with a strict discipline, care and commitment in storage processes and warehouse management.

We offer customized solutions to our customers by combining the power of our experienced and professional staff with the latest technology that we have developed and closely followed in our R&D centers. In this way, with the advantage of using developing storage technologies and our automation-based process execution techniques, we not only detect possible risks in advance, but also eliminate them early and minimize the cost.

We store all kinds of products and commodities for our customers in the safest way in both personal and shared facilities, and we do much more than just stacking them.

In addition to operating large and smart warehouses in our warehouse locations with high accessibility, we both save space and facilitate access to the stacked goods with the latest technology we use in the warehouse. In this way, we reduce the enormous labor required in storage processes.

With our automatic loading and unloading systems and smart software, we eliminate the possibility of errors during storage.