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What is Storage and Warehouse Management? During the projects, the journey of all kinds of goods from the zero point where they leave the producer until they reach the consumer is called the “Supply Process”. Warehousing and effective warehouse management are indispensable for supply processes.

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A freight forwarder, or forwarding agent, is a person or company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get…

Container Transportation

An intermodal container, often called
a shipping container or a freight container…

Transit Trade

Transit trade and transit customs clearance
is one of the shipping methods in accordance with the customs…

Transit Guarantee

If the goods are lost during the movement,
the authorities in the country of transit…


A warehouse is a building for storing goods.
Warehouses are used by manufacturers…

Covered Storage

Covered storage is essentially an overhead
shield for your vehicle. At a lower cost than indoor…


Lashing is a word used in the logistics industry
to fix cargoes, starting from the English word lashing…

Curtainsider Vehicle

autliner and curtainsider are used as generic names
for curtain sided trucks/trailers…